Galen Sedberry

Galen is the studio assistant and apprentice at Sedberry Pottery in Burnsville, NC.  Galen’s interest in clay peaked during a year off from college when he began helping Ken in his studio and learning the basics of throwing, glazing and firing.  Galen then returned to college, receiving a degree in Appropriate Technology.  After several years in the solar industry, first as an installer and later as a superintendent overseeing the construction of utility scale solar projects, his hands found their way back to clay.

I have never undertaken an endeavor as challenging, heartbreaking, and rewarding as making pottery. Every part of the process offers challenges to be solved, requiring complete attention and presence. As a young potter, still likely in the honeymoon phase of a career, I find myself utterly enamored with this practice.

Currently, I am continuing to explore the possibilities between deliberate surface decoration and the limitless variables of wood firing. Firing with a wood kiln is like collaborating on work with a partner - It is a practice of letting go.

Living in western North Carolina means I do not have to go far to witness breathtaking natural beauty and the spark for inspiration. Lately, however, I have found the genesis of inspiration lies not just in the view through my studio window, but in the people in my life.




Galen's Work